Çocuk Etkinlikleri Mikro İnteraktif ÜCRETSİZ - Google Play'den İndirin

Little Einsteins - Hungarian Hiccups

Cartoon, Fairy Tale, Activity Little Einsteins

Rocket participates his first day in the Great Sky Race as a rookie to beat other planes, jets and helicopters. But then, he meets his first archenemy who is a legend, a master and an undefeated champion for generations: A big, mean, blue, nasty Mikoyan MiG-29 from Russia, named Big Jet, and they meet at last for the first time! Rocket gets nervous about Big Jet, but the team knows he can win. However, Rocket starts hiccuping, thanks to Big Jet by doing circles over him as a taunt, so the team must scare off his hiccups before the Great Sky Race begins!

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